Lily Van





I’m Lily Van, a digital design student currently at the University of Colorado Denver.

I love to create playful, vibrant and delightful experiences! By crafting things with thoughtfulness for the people that interact with our work we can form an overall better human experience. Whether this be through my illustration or design work, I’m pumped to help shift the intersection of art and user interaction.

I am an energetic and multifaceted creator, storyteller and problem solver. I will always face a challenge with everything I’ve got! When I’m not drawing or designing I’m probably scheming the world’s most elaborate heist, or I’m with my dog.

Some of my past work includes companies like Bandai-Namco, Mattel, Furry Puppet Studios and Amino.

Maybe my next adventure will be with you!

Charity work? Collaboration? Shoot me a message!

I’m always looking for creative opportunities that are positive and fun to engage in!


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