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Interactive Media 3 Progress Blog

Blog dedicated to interactive media 3 progress recording and documentation. Will upload workflows, case studies, and all other process work here.

The focus of this class is around designing for voice user interfaces.

Week 9/10 - Chatbot Case Study

For this week’s task we were assigned with creating a Chatbot utilizing the BotSociety technology.


For this chatbot I wanted to create one for my own personal brand “LILIUHMS.” As a company and creative I receive a lot of messages from customers that could be easily answered using a chatbot. I thought it might be really helpful to direct people to this instead of having to reply every single time i receive a message. Since I am an independent brand that handles all the shipping, packaging, manufacturing, design and customer service on my end, I thought this would be really helpful for me to relieve some stress as wel


“LILIUHMS” is a character goods and lifestyle brand that specializes in cute, happy things!


  • To create a chatbot that could relieve client questions with ready-made answers. The purpose of the chatbot was to be able to direct clients to a FAQ style bot that would be able to answer any questions related to the LILIUHMS shop, art inquiries, or even information about myself as a creator.

Design Process:

  • When getting started with this process, I first went through my messages and emails to see what questions were most frequently asked.

    Some questions I asked myself were:

    • Which of these questions are the most common?

    • Which questions can be easily answered via FAQ style information?

    • How do other brands/companies gauge these questions?

    • What kinds of questions to other brands answer?

    • How do I make this bot still feel like a conversation with ME as an independent artist?

    Something I felt that was really important when designing this bot was making it still feel like I was talking to the client or consumer. As an independent brand people like to feel as thought they’re important, and they should! I’m not a large corporate and the people who support me as an individual is incredible. I don’t want them to feel like they’re being brushed off via technology, but that this is a resource they can turn to in order to receive information more quickly. At the end of the day I still want to have genuine conversations with people, but since I miss so many messages daily, this would be great for making it so no one feels ignored.

User Journey Flow:

Here’s what the final flow looks like for a user. It’s very linear and requires users to ask questions in a way that the bot can understand. A lot of the stress on the user can be relieved by including multiple choice options! This way, even if a user isn’t sure how to ask or phrase something they can rely on the multiple choice responses to get feedback to common questions. If a user can’t find the answer to their problem, it prompts them to instead contact the brand directly.

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Project Retrospective:

  • Overall I really enjoyed designing this bot! It was really fun to work with something that is more linear, and where you create the user journey flows. I think it was also fun to create something that would be incredibly useful not just for me, but for my users.

  • The most challenging part of design a chatbot is making sure that certain paths and flows link to each other properly. I actually had to remake this bot twice because the first time I created it I accidentally created too many duplicates of the same paths. As a result, many paths got lost or didn’t link to one another properly. It was definitely a learning curve.

  • I think compared to other chatbots mine is one of the most friendly! It uses drawings and gifs to ease the user journey, and it has a lot of information. it doesn’t just reroute you to website pages, it actually answers things in paragraphs, as if it’s really conversing with you.

Lily Van