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Interactive Media 3 Progress Blog

Blog dedicated to interactive media 3 progress recording and documentation. Will upload workflows, case studies, and all other process work here.

The focus of this class is around designing for voice user interfaces.

Week 4/5 - Alexa Inspirations Skill

password is bother

This week along with the previous quiz skill task, we were also tasked with creating a skill of our choice using the Amazon blueprints site. Amongst the blueprints I decided to move forward with creating an Alexa skill that responds with Winnie the Pooh quotes when prompted by the user.

There wasn’t anything particularly difficult about the creation of this skill besides gathering all of the quotes and data that needed to be inputed into the blueprint! I’m really happy with this skill, because I think it’s just what you need sometimes: a little bit of happiness in one small corner of the world. Or in this case, in one small device.

Lily Van