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Interactive Media 3 Progress Blog

Blog dedicated to interactive media 3 progress recording and documentation. Will upload workflows, case studies, and all other process work here.

The focus of this class is around designing for voice user interfaces.

Week 4/5 - Alexa Quiz Skill

password is kachow

This week we were tasked with creating a quiz skill for the Alexa Skills Shop.

A voice based quiz-skill is an Alexa skill that relies on users giving responses to questions that Alexa has been coded to ask. These quiz skills can be informational, where they can relay information and have users answer questions based off of that, or they can be quizzes that rely on users already having an understanding of the topic that the game is played around.

For this I decided to create a quiz game that uses information about Disney Pixar films to test the animated aficionado. This skill relies on users already having seen Pixar films. Under the assumption they’ve seen all of them, the Alexa will go through a series of randomized questions that may ask for very specific or general information about characters and scenes from the films.

The most challenging aspect of creating this was really just getting enough information for a game to be engaging and different each time you play it. I’m most proud that I was able to get a more complicated skill finished this time, and that it has more interaction with Alexa than my previous one did!

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