Lily Van
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Interactive Media 3 Progress Blog

Blog dedicated to interactive media 3 progress recording and documentation. Will upload workflows, case studies, and all other process work here.

The focus of this class is around designing for voice user interfaces.

Week 3 - First Alexa Skill

This week we were tasked with creating our very own Alexa Skill for the Echo! If you don’t know what an Alexa Skill is, it’s basically a voice command driven function on Amazon’s devices that performs a task. Some skills are used to play music, some are used for walking you through recipes, and in our case, our skill was supposed to tell randomized fun facts about a topic.

For my skill I decided it would be fun to create one that served the purpose of telling fun facts about ME! The most challenging aspect of creating this was going through all of the required Amazon Developer sites that you had to cross between in order to get a skill working. Amazon’s Developer site doesn’t rely on just a single location to create a skill, instead the code for your skill is edited in a separate website, while the information and testing for the skill is located on another. I think the most frustrating aspect is ensuring that everything works on one end before you can move on to the next. I was most proud of myself that I even got a functioning skill! The thing I was most afraid of going into the assignment this week was that I wouldn’t be able to code or properly get something that worked.

Although I didn’t REALLY code anything and used an Amazon skill template, it still feels really good and cool that I could create something that works on a device! I hope I can keep getting better from here on out.

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