Lily Van


what i’m up to

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this page is a “public declaration of my priorities”! So what am I doing? Where am I going? What in the world are you up to, Lily Van? 


This semester I’m learning about:

  • Human-centered design

  • Interactive media design

  • Life-drawing

  • Art history of the Italian renaissance


  • Currently lead UX/UI designer for Cuteness Technology’s app “PuppeToons”

  • Freelance illustration & design work

  • Hopefully working on my first children’s book!

  • Creating merchandise for my brand

  • Taking care of my mental health

  • Expanding my cooking knowledge (not to brag but I can make some killer pasta from scratch)

  • Working on my portfolio, and actively applying to internships!

Doing work I care about

  • This year I made it a goal to be more active with people, with community! Over the years I have done volunteer work for the Vietnamese-American and Asian American community, and hopefully this year I can engage even more.


  • My Solo Exchange Diary (Volume 1 & 2) by Kabi Nagata