Lily Van
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Nintendo App Redesign


Create an extension for an existing brand. Identify a problem that users face and offer a solution that helps in alleviating that problem for the brand. This extension was to be designed for the purpose of a mobile app, more specifically for IOS. Extension also had to adhere to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

Extension was to be designed using SketchApp and MarvelApp for prototyping.

The problem

Many Nintendo consumers felt that their needs were not being met on the mobile platform. Many felt confusion with Nintendo's repetition of making entirely new accounts for new consoles and gaming platforms. Their current mobile app has little to no features and only addresses a limited amount of their games and community of users.

the Solution

Redesign and rebrand Nintendo's existing mobile presence by creating an extension through the form of a social media application. The app would be multi-purpose, allowing users to connect across all their platforms and consoles, and enable users to have easier access to Nintendo related news as well as their friends within the Nintendo user community.

Play the prototype here.

Download full case study here.