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Blog #2: Developing A Personal Brand Statement

Potential mission statement:

Liliuhms creates joyful brand narratives and visuals for the young at heart!

I believe in… youthfulness! Childish things! Having fun! I believe in storytelling through characters, individuals, personality.. I want people to describe me as vivacious and energetic! I feel strongly about happy, colorful and bright ideas.

Every time I think about what kind of designer I want to be I can only come to the really simple conclusion that I want to have fun! I want to be a designer that creates brands, graphics and visual narratives that are joyful and exciting. I don’t know if it’s any more specific than that. I feel that in general I have a “style” or “brand” that is consistent enough that clients specifically seek me out for work. It’s not really the case that I have to search for work, because people would come to me looking for the ideas that I have to bring to the table. Is this a good thing? In some ways, I think! But I worry that because of that maybe I’m not as strong as a designer. How can I continue to improve myself if I do work that offers nothing new to engage with or try to learn from? I’d like to do better about that.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m thinking too naively and simply. But that’s something really important to me in anything I’m doing or creating! Simple.

I did some journal pages where I just wrote out a lot of ideas about what’s important to me.

Lily Van