Lily Van


 For Design Studio 3.

We were tasked with choosing an “unbranded” famous individual and finding a way to create a brand for them that was based around their personality, not their work.

The individual I chose for this assignment was world-acclaimed writer Haruki Murakami. After doing research and going through several brainstorms and ideations I finally decided that the way I felt most effective in showcasing who Murakami is was through a gastronomy restaurant with a play on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. The stories that Murakami writes are odd, bold, vibrant and very central around the idea of the human experience. His works are about life, and the complexities around it, as well as the sensualities. That’s exactly what gastronomical food is. It’s social, technical and art focused. It’s visually uncomfortable, yet appealing. The process of creating gastronomical food is full of chemistry, yet balancing that with flavor and the essence of the ingredient.

“KAMI” is my answer to Murakami’s oddities. A gastronomy concept restaurant that is elegant and vibrant. I created a menu using the titles of Murakami’s books, and then ingredients that suited them. The identity of the restaurant is really experiencing what it is to enjoy Murakami’s works through both visuals and taste. Something for your eyes, but also your soul.