Lily Van

Daily UI

As a way of challenging and bettering myself as a designer, I’ve decided to take on as many Daily UI prompts as I can. This is less about creating a “perfect” interface or solution to each prompt, and more about training my visual eye and tool belt for improvement!

While doing this, I’ve also decided that I would try to stray from my comfort zone by using palettes, fonts, and other design styles that I would normally not use.

Prompt: Emojis

Made some icons/emojis for Sanrio characters!

Prompt: App Icon

For this prompt I asked people to give me a made up app name or idea and I would design an icon around that idea! I challenged myself to using different palettes, but also keeping it stylized and fun!

Prompt: Sign Up

For this prompt I decided to challenge myself to doing several onboarding screens that lead up to the sign up page for a fictional traveling application that would be space themed.

I also did a landing page in order to visualize how this might look from mobile to web.