Lily Van

Augmented Reality Poster

Augmented reality poster for Intro to Typography.

Purpose of the project was to create a series of posters as a team that would bring attention to a global issue in a fun and creative way. The global issue that we tackled was the large amount of water consumption and approached the topic by appealing to the audience shock factor. By using animals as an unordinary way to approach water use we created posters that could be scanned by smartphones to show a motion graphic of an animal that would split and pour water. Four different posters were done with a style guide to aid in the final visuals.

Download the style guide here.

Skills: design, illustration

Several iterations of the poster were made along with concepts of how the final augmented piece would look.

Logo iterations for the mock-up of a pseudo company/brand that would represent the issue.Also did several mock-up product and branding items.

Project was also put on display at the Denver Performing Arts Center for users to enjoy the augmented reality and experience it themselves. Article for the gallery can be found here.